Friday, April 17, 2009

Fortune Friday

Note that the failure fortune has failed to include the lucky numbers.


panda with gravy said...

So if champions have a big breakfast, then they fail, but if they eat their failure they become successful again, but if they failed they can't eat their failure because failure becomes feedback which is the breakfast of champions not losers, so, um, wait.... er.... I think there's a negative feedback loop in that fortune, or maybe a paradox or an event horizon.... SOMETHING ain't right dagnabit!
My brain is gonna hurt all day trying to figure this one out... maybe I'll make my students work it out :-)
Hope all's well at Panda HQ. Any luck with flights for the wedding yet?

myminimocs said...

ah yes little weedhopper Confucius say - i'm confused LOL

melissa bastian. said...

best. fortune. ever.