Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I shall be away for a few days but fear not! gentle reader. I will return with pictures and hilarity galore next week.


melissa bastian. said...

good for you! have fun.

panda with pork chop said...

How much hilarity is in 1 galore? I'm assuming a galore is a unit of quantity per amount or volume, something like "3 giggles per sentence" or "2 guffaws per paragraph". We'll have to resolve this matter in order to assure that your future posts do, as promised, deliver hilarity galore and not just boring ol' hilarity. I propose we standardize it as "one belly laugh per post", denoted as 1 BL/tweet = 1 glr ('gal' was already taken; stupid English system of volume measurements, grrrrrr)

Ain't it great having a science geek in the panda family? :-)