Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Ornaments at Panda With Cookie

Panda With Cookie is rolling out ornaments all week!

Set of 3 sock monkey ornaments

Set of 6 origami crane ornaments.


melissa bastian. said...

OMG SO FREAKIN CUTE!!! This just might make my x-mas list, even though I swore I was gonna make stuff and not buy. But then, stuff made by friends is just as good, right? :D

pharmacy said...

Just wanted to thank you, not just because the nice post, but pretty much more because my grandfather is nearly recovering from his surgery and he has almost nothing to do but staying on bed all day, his best source of entertainment has been this blog and I feel this is something good for him and his recovery.

xlpharmacy reviews said...

Beautiful ornaments! this is what I'm gonna make for my little child because she loves these stuffs, I know that she'll put them over her bed because she has a lot of dolls there.