Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pumpkin Barley Oat Bars

Mr. Bran makes his move on my pumpkin barley oat bars from 500 Vegan Recipes by the most fabulous Celine from Have Cake Will Travel and Joni from Just the Food.

I had a cup of pumpkin leftover from baking last week and needed to use it up. I wasn't in the mood for cookies or cupcakes but wanted something for breakfast instead. I flipped through my cookbook indexes on a quest for pumpkin and found these pumpkin barley bars which I think I tested lo these many years ago. I only needed to grab one ingredient from the store and then I could bake and enter a world of pumpkin and chocolate bliss. Until I tried to take a photo for the blog and Mr. Bran jumped on the couch and made his move.


celine said...

I'm honored to see Mr Bran made a move on these bars.

Sarah P said...

No Mr. Bran! Don't do it!

mangocheeks said...

I too am tiring of pumpkin cookies and pumpkin cupcake recipes, so this pumpkin barley bar is really welcome introduction. I often have a wedge of pumpkin left over from cooking, so this I will have to keep in mind. Thank you for sharing. Happy New Year from Snow melting Scotland.