Monday, November 14, 2011

Quick Fix Vegan Up in My House

I was very pleased to win a copy of Robin Robetson's Quick Fix Vegan during Vegan Mofo. I still haven't completely gotten through reading the book but the Indian Shepherd's Pie caught my eye right away and I happened to have almost everything on hand to bake it up yesterday. The picture is less than stellar, but I don't think shepherd's pie ever photographs well anyway. It doesn't matter. This was absolutely delicious! I had fire roasted tomatoes on hand which added a nice kick and the combination of potato and cauliflower topping was perfect without being too heavy. I have plans for another recipe or two in the coming week and will have a more thorough review up later. But for now I am completely happy to have a whole pie to work my way through this week. 

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JohnP said...

That looks really good!