Sunday, March 1, 2009

Etsy Treasury Sunday

I have not forgotten you, gentle reader. I have quite the hefty work schedule for the next month or so and have been a bit busy and stressed. I come to you this morning to thank some fellow Etsians for featuring me in their treasuries.

First up is It's Alive, by Bright Design, who is a fellow New Yorker and vegan Etsy team member. She featured my pirate bunny that I posted about last week. She sells zines, prints and shirts, such as the one shown below.

Next is Spring Greens, featuring my green not-so-scary monster.

This group was put together by Karramandi, who has a relatively new shop with soaps and lip balms. I am all about lavender in the spring. And although it isn't quite here yet, it is never too late to stock up now and pretend it is warm out.

And finally, last nigth I was selected for She Sells Sea Shells, showing my nature cyanotype prints. This lovely group was arranged by Kelle's Kitchen, who also sells soap (possibly by the sea shore). You can join her soap o' the month club and always feel clean.


Kelle's Kitchen said...

Ha ha, thanks for the shout-out, Lisa! And yes, if you consider Lake Michigan to be the sea (which it's not) then I am selling soaps by the sea shore!! I will work on more folk-song references and tongue twister titles. I am thinking "Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers" for the next one. Yay? Nay? :)

panda with cookie said...

I think that would be a lovely title!

myminimocs said...

congrats! panda excellent treasuries!!!

yellowfish said...

I like that pillow. a lot.