Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pile O' Fleece: The Summit of the Creative Process

I have new fabric which means I will soon have exciting new products for sale in my etsy shop, Panda With Cookie.
I have a large pile o' fleece that will become my new line of Not-So-Scary Monsters.
I love going to a fabric or craft store and picking up new supplies. There is something about the latent magic in a pile of fabric that is exciting. It can become anything you choose to make. The moment right before creation is one of my favorite times of the creative process. There are so many possibilities and you can visualize perfectly how something will turn out. In the process, compromises will be made and ultimately I'll be pleased with the result. But nothing quite beats the time right before the magic happens.

As a bonus in the picture, you can see the ears of Pirate Bunny in the background. His favorite moment is when he gets to swashbuckle. Yarr!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Sarah said...

new monsters! exciting!

Vegetation said...

Awesome colours! Can't wait to see your new monsters!!

myminimocs said...

looking forward to meeting your new creations!!!