Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vegan Product Sunday:DRSimpson Gallery

I thought I would take my mofo Sundays to post about some small businesses that are both vegan and run by vegans. Panda With Cookie is never paid for endorsements because we like to keep it classy. Please support small independent businesses!

Today's featured shop is DRSimpson Gallery which specializes in photo greeting cards. And what is better than a penguin with a plate of cookies?

There are multiple packs to choose from in her online shop, all starting at $18. Or you can opt for the surprise pack and let Dawn choose a set of 8 for you. These cards will be perfect for your weekly writings to me about your sojourn in Spain.


JohnP said...

Beautiful work!

Dawn said...

Thanks, John! And thank you, panda for posting for me. (Especially since my site and shows have kept me too busy to be a successful mofo-er ;))